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The Power Eraser LNX 8  

For heavy-duty ease of erasing performance without grooves, the SMITH LNX8 tri-cut rotary eradicator is the right choice. The rolling, bevel-edged removal action of the LNX8 assures NO SHARP-EDGE GROOVING when erasing traffic lines, thermoplastics, oil, grease, & high spots on concrete and asphalt surfaces.      

+ Simple Handling 
+ Easy Transport  
+ Low erasing costs  
+ Powerful Machine  
+ Anti-vibration  
+ Adjustable ergonomic handles  
+ Adjustable depth control  
+ Removable weights 


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Technical Data:

Removal Width: variable
Length: 45”
Width: 22"
Hight: 38"
Weight: 450 lbs
Power: Honda 11 HP gas
(optional: 13 HP Honda)
Working speed (approx): 2700 LF/hr
(w/ Rider or Skid-steer - 5200 LF/hr)
Cutter life (approx): 40,000 SF (PM3001)


LNX 8 - Spare parts

You can find a list of spare parts for the LNX 8 here...


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